During our discussion phase a ship-date will be discussed towards the finalization. The ship date will be based upon how full my books are, the time I think it'll take to complete your project and any deadlines you may have for receiving the item. Please keep in mind this is just an estimate, due to the nature of custom artwork and human error, I can make no guarantees.


We do not accept returns on custom work. When you custom order something it's for you and only you (or as a gift for someone from you). During our discussion phase we'll be tailoring your item to your requirements and needs. From the leather thickness, dye/stains, paints down to the thread color and stitch count...its all for you. I'm confident enough in my craftsmanship to deliver an item that will exceed your expectations. Because of the custom elements we can't accept refunds and returns. On items that lack customization (in-stock items from my store), I'm open for returns as they'll be relisted in my store.