Life size Red Drum Leather Sculpture

It’s a 1:1 scale slotsize (22” tail length) redfish. I can’t tell you the hours I spent carving and tooling this redfish not counting the trial and error of getting it “right”, every single detail and scale was drawn, carved, then tooled by hand. It consists of the carved/tooled front panel, the dorsal fins are part of the large “front panel”, the pectoral, ventral and anal fins are separate pieces that were carved/tooled and stitched into place. While stitching the front to the “back” I used a mixture of stiffener and shredded paper to stuff it and give it depth. The rear panel is stained but has no carving/tooling, just my maker’s mark and a heavy duty mounting bracket. The eye and the spot on the tail are hand painted and the entire piece has been sealed. 

    © 2018 by HEATHEN LEATHER.

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