Frequently asked questions

Is this all handmade?

100%. I handle it all. From discussing the project with the customer to shipping it out and everything in between. Every idea, cut and stitch is all done with my own two hands. All from a little workshop on the coast of the Carolinas.

Is there a warranty?

As long as I'm breathing - I'll back all of my work. Short of damaging your wallet intentionally via lack of common sense (losing your wallet, jumping into the ocean with your wallet, wrestling a shark with your wallet, etc...) all of my work is covered. When you receive a Heathen Leather product it will be free of defects in craftsmanship. If you feel your product qualifies for a repair or replacement, contact me! I'll make it right.

Do you only make wallets?

Nope! I have templates for all kinds of items from keychains to medieval armor. If it's leather, I can make it. I may not have made one yet to show you but I'm confident enough in my ability as a leatherworker that I can tackle any job required. Some ideas on things I can produce; wallets of all styles, belts, holsters, leather wrapped tumblers/flasks, patches, mouse-pads, book covers, phone & tablet cases, valet trays, sheaths and passport wallets. If it can be done, I'll do it.

Can you fix this -item- I inherited?

Absolutely, infact I love to inspect and repair older leather items. I've found very few methods of learning better than deconstructing something and putting it back together. But be warned, the cost is usually the same or more than just flatout purchasing a new item from me.

Changed my mind...I want a refund.

Not on custom orders...sorry. Every single item I send out is made by my two hands. I'm a one-man custom leather shop and there are way too many combinations of colors, liners, arts, styles, sizes, etc to be able to stock much of an inventory. Please study pictures and read the descriptions for all general specs, then make your decision to either own or not to own some of the very best in custom leather goods. Heathen Leather offers unique designs that can last a lifetime if taken care of.

Lead time?

I can't make any guarantees, I give an estimate on when I should be shipping your project at the end of our discussion (before payment). Theres too many variables in custom made artwork and I'm just a human. Sometimes mistakes happen and I have to start over which can drastically affect the end-date. If a dead-line is required, it should be discussed during the planning stage.

Pricing & Payment

Pricing is generally set in stone, I have a baseline set in place for most items, extra details will sometimes affect the price. I do offer discounts when ordering multiple items at once. As far as payment goes, I generally use paypal. You can order directly through the store for items in-stock or we can invoice you via paypal for custom work. You don't need to have a paypal account, we accept all cards through paypal's services. I'm always interested in bartering as well, especially with other handcrafters of any kind.

Carving & Tooling Questions

In most cases I'll tool anything that you want; however I will offer suggestions on a design if I feel it will not be very aesthetic or for various technical reasons may not be the wisest to put on your piece. Leather is extremely temperamental and carving/tooling can only be done so small; usually I'll make minor alterations and omit tiny details. If I completely reject a custom design it is usually due to space constraints or aesthetic placement of a design relative to the rest of the piece. Will you tool logos? Absolutely, brand appreciation is a huge part of custom leather goods whether it be a sports team, beverage brand, etc. The downside being the item probably won't be showcased to the public eye via my site or instagram in an unaltered state. Will you showcase my piece? Most of my work is put up on instagram as well as various other social media (unless requested otherwise), either during the process or once complete. I usually don't tag people on my posts, but feel free to tag yourself or comment. Some pieces get posted, some don't; it's nothing personal.


Why aren't you working on my item!? If you are starting to get a little impatient whether you're excited about receiving the item or are following my feed but not seeing your piece or not receiving constant updates; please know that what I do requires a ton of attention and I'm an artist by trade. Sometimes I may often deviate to a side project every now and again to stay creatively "fresh". I love what I do, and do not wish to get burned out so I will often keep a project or two that I am working on the side. If they aren't spoken for I will often make these available exclusively through my store here on my website. Its how I keep "Ready To Ship" items in stock. You may also notice on my instagram feed that I will show a small glimpse into my life. I'm also an avid saltwater fisherman as well as a husband and father, so I have a beautiful family to take care of. Please don't think I'm putting your project on the backburner or running off with your money. I've set my life up to make it easy to stay creatively fresh; so please do not get discouraged. I am working on completing your project as reasonably soon as possible, I promise!

What if I don't complete payment?

If you are unable to come up with final payment for shipment I will hold onto your piece for usually up to a month. During this time you can feel free to reach out and complete the payment to receive your item. After the 1 month time frame if I have not received completed payment then your piece will be repurposed and sold if possible or given away.